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While you purchase licensed natural processed meats (bacon, ham, salami, scorching canines, and so on.) with the phrases “uncured” and “no nitrates” on the bundle, you assume you’re avoiding cancer-causing substances, proper?

Not if the meat you purchase additionally accommodates celery powder.

SIGN THE PETITION: Get carcinogenic nitrosamines out of natural meat by banning celery powder!

When members of the Nationwide Natural Requirements Board (NOSB) convene in Pittsburgh this month, they’ll deal with a number of controversial points, together with this one: Ought to celery powder be allowed in licensed natural processed meats?

Celery powder? One thing so innocent couldn’t have something to do with the carcinogens present in processed meat from manufacturing facility farms, may it?

If you happen to’ve been indulging in natural “uncured” meats with “no nitrates,” you have to know that these labels, accepted by U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA), are deceptive. To grasp them, it’s a must to search for the asterix, which can lead you to this disclaimer: “besides these naturally occurring in celery powder.”

Right here’s the issue: Similar to artificial nitrates, when celery powder’s naturally occurring nitrates work together with proteins in crimson meat, they type nitrosamines. 

Nitrosamines, regardless of how they’re shaped, are carcinogenic even in very small quantities. Everytime you eat bacon, ham or different processed meat, your intestine will get  a dose of nitrosamines, which harm the cells within the lining of the bowel, and may result in most cancers.

In 2015, the World Well being Group’s Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers confirmed that nitrosamines in processed meat trigger colorectal most cancers.

Different research have linked processed meats to childhood leukemia and mind tumors, abdomen most cancers, breast most cancers and manic episodes.

Regardless of all this damning proof, an NOSB subcommittee has taken its first vote on the topic. Shockingly, the subcommittee proposes to permit celery powder for use for an additional 5 years beginning in 2022!

In the meantime, non-organic manufacturers like Bare Bacon are beginning to provide actually nitrate-free processed meats—from animals raised conventionally.

If the natural motion doesn’t adapt rapidly, shoppers will begin to hyperlink “USDA Natural” with the carcinogenic meats they’re making an attempt to keep away from.

SIGN THE PETITION: Get carcinogenic nitrosamines out of natural meat by banning celery powder!