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With 7 small youngsters and 5 at school, morning occasions are hectic at our home. I’m nonetheless streamlining my breakfast system – however listed here are four quick breakfast concepts which are serving to me keep (comparatively) sane!

1. Almond Flour to Maintain Your Children Full

I’m a mother and a dietitian, and I’ve most likely heard this one 100 occasions, “Yeah, I do know breakfast is a very powerful meal of the day…however consuming breakfast really makes me hungrier.” That may be true, however provided that you’re filling up on carbohydrates and foregoing protein, fats and fiber.

Protein, fats and fiber are essential elements of a meal that may assist preserve you full – and your youngsters – fueled longer. One of many methods I really like to include protein, fats and fiber is with almond flour. If and when I’ve time to bake meals from scratch, I substitute 25% of white flour with almond flour in non-yeast dough recipes.

However, I sometimes don’t have time to bake up a storm once I’m getting my 7 youngsters prepared for the day!

I lately found Easy Mills almond flour baking mixes and so they’re saving me a number of time with our morning routine. I really like that the primary ingredient within the Easy Mills mixes is almond flour, and whether or not we’re having muffins, bread, pancakes or waffles – with almond flour as the bottom, they preserve me going for hours! The Easy Mills mixes are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, emulsifier-free and gum-free.