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For those who learn my final EpiPen experiment put up, you then noticed my discovery that EpiPens heated on the dashboard of a automobile will fireplace lower than half the time. Temperatures within the 180s and 190s Fahrenheit are clearly sufficient to wreck an EpiPen. However will the warmth contained in the glove field additionally harm an EpiPen?

It’s spectacular that excessive warmth compromises EpiPen machine integrity. It’s additionally essential to know. However more often than not when folks depart their epinephrine within the automobile, they don’t depart it on the dashboard, in full solar, and dealing with south. It’s both by chance, or as a result of they retailer it there.

When somebody shops an EpiPen within the warmth of a automobile, they’ll usually depart it within the glove field or one other compartment. When folks depart their EpiPens in a scorching automobile by chance, they often have it in a handbag or bag of some type. In these conditions, the EpiPens would nonetheless get very popular, however wouldn’t attain the 195 levels I achieved on the dashboard. So I additionally did an experiment to see if EpiPens would jam when left within the automobile beneath extra regular person circumstances.

Experiment 2: Glove Field Warmth impact on an EpiPen

EpiPens being exposed to the heat in the glove box | Food Allergy Superheroes

Concurrently my dashboard warmth experiment, I had 20 extra EpiPens in my automobile. These had been in my glove field. The very best temperature I recorded in my glove field was 137.7 levels Fahrenheit.

I adopted the identical protocols with these EpiPens. I had 10 matched pairs to manage for person harm previous to them reaching me. One from every pair, I fired whereas nonetheless scorching from the automobile. The opposite, I fired after permitting it to return to room temperature.

The outcomes of this experiment weren’t fairly as spectacular. Every EpiPen uncovered to warmth in my glove field fired usually. I don’t know the place the break level of an EpiPen is, however I’ve narrowed it right down to someplace between 137 and 195 levels Fahrenheit.

To be sincere, I type of want a number of the glove field EpiPens had jammed. For one, it wasn’t a really thrilling video, nor did it exhibit the hazard of leaving epinephrine within the warmth. However for 2, I fear that it might trigger a false sense of safety for some folks.

There are nonetheless individuals who depart EpiPens of their automobile on function. Normally, that is on the premise that they’re usually close to their automobile, so that they suppose retaining it within the automobile is a method to at all times have it out there.

Sadly, this can be a very dangerous apply, and never simply because the EpiPen itself can jam beneath the precise circumstances. Quite a few research have demonstrated that the drug epinephrine rapidly loses its efficacy when uncovered to warmth. And this occurs at temperatures which might be a lot decrease than recorded on my dashboard. One latest examine confirmed that leaving an EpiPen within the automobile as soon as can cut back the efficient dose of the drug inside, by as a lot as 13-14%!

Simply as you don’t need your EpiPen to misfire if you want it, you additionally need to be sure to get a full dose of medicine for those who go into anaphylaxis. Due to this fact, it is rather essential to just remember to defend your EpiPens from warmth. Chilly isn’t as damaging, however warmth very clearly damages EpiPens, and in additional methods than one. Maintain these Epis cool, people!

You possibly can watch the video of me firing these EpiPens on YouTube right here.

For these of you who like numbers and specifics, listed below are the small print of my experiment.


  • My automobile is darkish blue. I parked it dealing with south in full solar.
  • Exterior highs had been within the 80s most days.
  • 20 Pens had been on the sprint, straight in full daylight (the cookie sheet was so they might all match on my sloped sprint.)
  • 20 Pens had been within the glove field, which didn’t get fairly as scorching, however higher displays the conduct of oldsters who retailer Epis within the automobile.
  • I cooked the Pens in my automobile each day for two weeks Ended up being 6 weeks.
  • My automobile retreated to the storage in a single day.
  • For half of the time, I recorded dashboard temperature each ten minutes.
  • For the opposite half of the time, I recorded glove field temperature each ten minutes.
  • Jen from Blue Bear Conscious supplied us with the instruments to precisely document the temperatures. Thanks Jen!
  • I used this machine to measure temperatures. It’s small and programmable, nice for monitoring medicine temp, although a bit techy.
  • I paired off the 2-packs that initially got here collectively and clearly labeled them (A-a, B-b, and so forth.)
  • A via J had been on the sprint, Q via Z had been within the glove field.
  • On the conclusion, I allowed the capital-letter-labeled Pens to return to room temperature earlier than firing them, and fired the lower-case-labeled Pens whereas nonetheless scorching.
  • Expirations ranged from November 2013 to December 2017.
  • Expirations had been evenly distributed between the sprint and glove field.
  • I didn’t use any Pens that expired between April 2017 and October 2017. That was the time vary of Mylan’s recall (my final experiment concerned Pens that expired August 2017, which was in between recalled tons.) I needed to verify this experiment was not impacted by Pens that ought to have been recalled however weren’t!
  • For two six weeks, we behaved like a one-car household so my automobile may completely cook dinner EpiPens.
  • The utmost temperature I recorded from my dashboard was 195.four levels Fahrenheit.
  • Temperatures on the dashboard repeatedly reached the 180s.
  • The utmost temperature I recorded from my glove field was 137.7 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Temperatures within the glove field repeatedly reached the 120s.

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EpiPens being exposed to the heat in the glove box | Food Allergy Superheroes
An experiment to see the effects of heat on a EpiPens left in a car's glove box | Food Allergy Superheroes