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Intermittent fasting: What’s it and is it secure?

Intermittent fasting is without doubt one of the newest fad diets that you’ll have heard about. This entails going for lengthy intervals with out having any type of meals. 

Any such weight-reduction plan isn’t beneficial as it could possibly result in many side-effects corresponding to, muscle loss as a result of your physique isn’t getting sufficient protein at common intervals, inside tremors or shaking and a sense of weak point in your physique, even temper swings, however the commonest side-effect from such a weight-reduction plan is hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. 

This often occurs within the afternoon or night the place you’ll expertise cravings for candy or savoury meals and find yourself choosing at meals all through the night. This could result in overeating and even bingeing. 

At all times be certain to eat one thing each three to four hours to keep away from getting low blood sugar and ensure to at all times have a supply of protein at every meal. 

So intermittent fasting isn’t beneficial to shed pounds, the very best wholesome consuming plan to comply with to shed pounds efficiently with out having any cravings or feeling disadvantaged is a excessive protein low carb plan like we offer at our clinics.