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Hey, my fellow meals allergy buddies! My title is Laura Catron, and I created Buddy’s Allergen Free Buddy Truffles + Frostings as an answer to the various challenges mother and father face when coping with their youngsters’s meals allergic reactions and intolerances: “What am I going to feed this child?  And the way do I clarify to him that, though he’s only a child – and he’s achieved nothing improper – he can’t have “regular treats” like the remainder of his siblings and buddies as a result of it might harm him.”  (Cue the tears, parental guilt and “idea-provoking” bottles of wine for Momma!)

In hindsight, our son Alex (aka “Buddy”) had abdomen points that have been with him so long as I can bear in mind. My husband Kevin and I simply didn’t understand that they weren’t typical childhood “illnesses.” Between Buddy being a quiet youngster and the widespread common signs, nothing ever rose to the extent of panic or continued concern.

When Buddy was eight, we moved abroad with the U.S. Air Drive. After a couple of months there, his abdomen pains gave the impression to be getting worse.  We chalked it as much as stress from the transfer, as a result of Buddy was positively an anxious youngster who internalized feelings greater than our different youngsters.  However when he started to develop thinner and thinner, and his abdomen pains triggered him to cry and double over – even waking him up at evening – I lastly realized it was extra than simply stress.

I’ll always remember the day I used to be given Alex’s prognosis. (Really, the weekend…I used to be advised on a Friday.) I cried, and panicked, (and perhaps drank a few case of wine.) Alex was utterly illiberal and allergic to only about each meals group on the planet. What was I going to feed this youngster who was losing away as a result of the whole lot he ate harm him? My full-time job grew to become making an attempt to determine simply yet another factor I might make for him, that he might eat.  I’m certain a lot of you may relate!

Once we moved again to the U.S. in 2015, I used to be so excited as a result of the USA has the whole lot proper? Complete Meals, Dealer Joes, and many others….The issue was that Alex’s meals points have been so complete and broad that I couldn’t discover ONE product, not to mention a dessert, that didn’t have at the very least one of many gadgets on his forbidden checklist.  I might discover gluten and nut free, however not egg free; Or egg free however not gluten free or soy free.  On the lookout for desserts or cookies to deal with him, or to ship with him to highschool for “celebration” days -without eggs or gluten or soy- that didn’t style like dry cardboard, was like looking for the Holy Grail.  It simply DID NOT exist.  So, like several mother of an allergy-kiddo, I needed to simply determine the way to make it. I couldn’t stand yet another unfair tear from Alex not having the ability to eat what everybody else might eat, or not having the ability to be included in birthday events or benefit from the sweets at sleepovers; typical childhood experiences. 

So, after months and month of failed recipes and makes an attempt, I lastly created an inventory of recipes for desserts and cookies that Alex might eat.  Nice information, proper?  Nicely, sort-of…  The issue was that many of the recipes required costly elements, and the massive batches of desserts solely lasted a day or two as a result of they lacked moisture and fats. The expense and the waste have been turning into an actual drawback for me. I HATE meals waste, and admittedly, we couldn’t afford it.

I wanted to create a secure single serving dessert that was helpful, simple to make, and scrumptious…  Then, one wonderful day – almost 2 years after Buddy’s prognosis – I attempted out my latest creation, a single serving of my “secret recipe” allergen-free mug cake, and received the overwhelming and ever-coveted verbal stamp of approval from my husband and three choosy youngsters. 

…And Buddy’s Allergen Free was born! Buddy’s makes scrumptious, single-serving desserts and frostings which are FREE of the TOP eight FOOD ALLERGENS that have an effect on each youngsters and adults, alike!  Say goodbye to gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn syrup, synthetic flavors and synthetic colours!

I invented Buddy Truffles, partially, to unravel my drawback of meals waste, as they’re single-serving parts.  What I didn’t understand, on the time of creation, was what number of different issues they solved for me, and might resolve for different meals allergen buddies: 

  1. They’re extremely fast to make; only one minute or so within the microwave and they’re baked.
  2. They don’t require an oven, so there’s no fear about forgetting to show it off or the youngsters hurting themselves making an attempt to make a deal with. (Though they can be baked within the oven, if desired!)
  3. There isn’t a threat of overeating or consuming an excessive amount of “junk” meals since every Buddy Cake packet makes one good serving!
  4. Buddy Truffles + Frostings are completely moveable. Take them on the go! They’re good to take to sleepovers, playdates, or to maintain at school school rooms or dorm rooms. (All that’s required is oil and “milk” – dairy or non-dairy – and a microwave, which most faculties and dorms have!)
  5. They’re versatile! Bake some mini Buddy-cupcakes forward of a highway journey or to tackle the aircraft or to the seashore! One in every of our favourite choices is making Buddy Cake Bites to tackle the go! (see web site beneath “Recipes”)
  6. THEY ARE FUN!! Go forward…combine and match desserts and frostings! In actual fact, Buddy Truffles are an awesome different to any celebration cake (allergen-free or not) as a result of you may set out a choice of cake mixes and frostings with a home-made topping bar and let the ingenious “baking” run amuck! And don’t overlook to take a look at BuddysAF.com for artistic “Buddy Cake Variations!”

Having a small enterprise that enables me to carry smiles to youngsters’ faces, to carry again the enjoyment and anticipation of delicious dessert to those that have needed to settle or go with out due to meals allergic reactions and challenges, is without doubt one of the happiest features of my life! I simply hope to unfold the grins so far as I can with Buddy’s Allergen Free!

Your Buddy Laura!
Buddy’s Allergen Free
Founder/Buddy’s Mother
[email protected]