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Our workers will get fairly enthusiastic about tea. So, after we heard in regards to the launch of Pique Natural Cinnamon Fasting Tea and the numerous well being advantages of it, we couldn’t wait to attempt it.

And we now have excellent news – this tea is wonderful at decreasing cravings throughout intermittent fasting. And in case you’re not on board with fasting, you’ll nonetheless get pleasure from its wealthy, spicy taste.


Intermittent fasting is the apply of decreasing or eliminating your meals consumption for a time frame. There are numerous methods to do it, and many individuals rave about its results on their power, weight, and general vitality.

Most days, we restrict our consuming window to one thing like 11am to 6pm. This implies for the opposite 17 hours in a day, our digestive methods get a break from the method of digesting meals. We nonetheless drink water, tea, espresso, or sometimes contemporary juice within the morning and night to assist counteract any cravings and maintain the physique hydrated.

As we proceed to analysis the very best methods to assist our our bodies whereas fasting, we discovered claims that consuming tea is a miracle enhance to supporting a profitable quick. In fact, we needed to check that concept.


The Complete30 plan recommends consuming natural tea when you could have a kind of inevitable sugar cravings. We have been already avid natural tea drinkers earlier than beginning an annual Complete30, however we by no means appreciated the worth of it till going off sugar cold-turkey for 30 days!

The primary tea ingredient we discovered to essentially assist curb sugar cravings was cinnamon. Cinnamon has been known as “nature’s gastric band” due to its capacity to suppress the urge for food. It additionally has quite a few well being advantages like decreasing threat of coronary heart illness, bettering insulin sensitivity, and reducing blood sugar ranges. It’s additionally full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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In Chinese language Drugs, cinnamon is really helpful to heat the digestive system, deal with kidney and bladder operate, and likewise assist with pores and skin infections and arthritic ache.

The mixture of Japanese and Western natural substances in Pique’s cinnamon fasting tea every have outstanding advantages on their very own, however the magic comes after they’re added collectively.


Loaded with polyphenols like quercetin, luteolin and phenolic acid, this burdock tea has been used for digestion assist in Japan, Korea and China for hundreds of years. It has a easy, woody and nice taste.


A match made in heaven, Cassia cinnamon and fasting are a robust mixture. Additionally an important ingredient in Conventional Chinese language Herbology, it provides a delicate spice to this root based mostly tea.


In style in aromatherapy, bergamot is calming and stress-free. Our complete floor bergamot rind is from Calabria, Italy, a supply of unparalleled high quality, including a brand new dimension of nuanced tartness to this mix.


A secret originating from geishas in Edo Japan, a leaf of spearmint is positioned within the mouth and chewed earlier than dinner for its urge for food satisfying properties.

Woman adding Pique Tea Crystals to glass for intermittent fasting support