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It is a little bit of area of interest put up so I’ll crosspost this to r/FoodAllergies as effectively. TL;DR at backside

Background information: I’ve by no means had an edible earlier than this. I (F 22) stay in Colorado so you recognize, most individuals my age have. I am not tremendous into like weed tradition or no matter however I’ve smoked earlier than (from a joint, from a bong, and from a vape pen) and have not had any opposed reactions, however they had been few and much between. I do not smoke frequently. The boy I have been seeing thought it might be enjoyable to take edibles, so we deliberate to make dinner, get excessive, and go to an artwork gallery with a brand new exhibition with artwork individuals made whereas on medication. We made shrimp pasta and about 20min earlier than consuming we every took a 10mg gummy (most likely my first mistake). Later I regarded up some pointers on edibles and it mentioned that first time customers ought to solely soak up between 0.5mg and 5mg, so.

Anyway, whereas we had been consuming I felt my throat closing up, however like not a lot that I could not breathe (however sufficient to make me lightheaded in about 30min time). I instructed my boy and he mainly was like “don’t fret nobody has ever overdosed on marijuana.” Thanks boy, I do know that, and I additionally know somebody who’s allergic to marijuana.

I began feeling a little bit dizzy/light-headed and I believe I related the dizziness with nausea as I went to the lavatory simply in case, however I by no means threw up and even had dry heaves. Nevertheless, all of the blood drained from my face (I’ve very naturally flushed cheeks and lips and I swear I used to be actually pale as a sheet). I believe at this level I had severely low blood stress, as I acquired extraordinarily dizzy even sitting up (overlook standing). I additionally felt extraordinarily chilled. I began having excessive tremors and shaking throughout my physique. My physique was always spasming over and time and again and it took excessive focus/effort to cease it even for a small period of time. My boy ultimately helped me transfer to the mattress the place I stayed, spasming, for a pair hours earlier than passing out for 12 hours. The following morning I awoke typically feeling like shit and had a horrible headache. I took a bathe after which went again to mattress till like 3pm.

Whereas I used to be having my response, I used to be intermittently trying up signs for panic/nervousness assault signs (bc I do know marijuana could cause these) and different dangerous reactions to marijuana, but it surely was very laborious for me to pay attention. Later I regarded up signs for anaphylactic shock. Most individuals who said having an allergy to marijuana said stuff like hives, rash, runny nostril, sneezing, and so forth, which clearly didn’t apply to my scenario. Most panic assault / nervousness assault descriptions talked about emotional signs I didn’t expertise. Emotionally, I felt positive the entire time. I wasn’t actually frightened or panicking, I used to be extra aggravated on the fixed shaking. Most symptom descriptions for anaphylactic shock additionally included pores and skin reactions and different issues that I didn’t expertise like vomit, diarrhea, and stomach ache. AND nowhere did I discover descriptors for the fixed shaking and tremors I used to be experiencing.

Given the circumstances, I believe it is affordable to conclude that both I used to be having a foul response to marijuana, an allergic response to marijuana, OR an allergic response to the shrimp, nonetheless I’ve no historical past of a shellfish allergy. However as a blended race grownup girl I’m extra inclined than common (learn grownup white male) to growing allergic reactions later in life, so it is not unreasonable to suppose it was an allergic response.

TL;DR By no means had edibles earlier than and never an everyday person, took a 10mg edible and had shrimp pasta, throat closed up, acquired extraordinarily dizzy, blood drained from face, acquired chills, acquired tremors and uncontrollable shaking, then handed out for 12hrs and awoke feeling shitty. Dangerous response to edible or allergic response? Cannot inform