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Why We Don’t Push Press

by Brent J Carter, SSC | June 11, 2019

The press and bench press kind the inspiration of our higher physique power coaching workout routines at Beginning Energy. We don’t use the dumbbell press, nor the behind the neck press for a similar motive we don’t use knee extensions or the leg press for our main lifts. The factors for our choice in addition to execution of the principle lifts has been detailed a number of occasions beforehand. I’ll merely remind you that the principle workout routines are workout routines that may be skilled for a lot of a few years. It is because they (the squat, press, bench press, deadlift, and the Olympic lifts) all have a number of issues in frequent.  They use essentially the most quantity of muscle mass, they use this muscle mass by means of the longest efficient vary of movement, they usually enable us to make use of the heaviest of hundreds (relative to different workout routines). Machine workout routines do not do that, and that is why there are no machines in Beginning Energy Dallas.

What then in regards to the push press? At first look it looks like this raise would fulfill our standards higher than our model of the press. The push press makes use of a considerable amount of muscle mass. In reality, the push press makes use of extra muscle mass than the press because it incorporates each knee extension in addition to hip extension, an a small diploma of ankle plantar flexion. Nonetheless, the vary of movement of the decrease physique joint actions is kind of a bit restricted when in comparison with the squat or deadlift, and the Press is one among our two upper-body workout routines. The vary of movement for the higher physique in a push press appears fairly lengthy. Nonetheless, within the push press the higher physique doesn’t bear the brunt of the work till the bar has already been pushed up by the decrease physique. This primarily turns the raise into a really brief quarter squat mixed with a pin press – the vary of movement of the higher physique shouldn’t be as full because the press.

Our press incorporates a ahead hip movement that does certainly generate a small quantity of momentum into the barbell. Nonetheless, this hip motion is horizontal, and thus self-limiting. You may solely throw your hips to this point ahead earlier than you start to bend your knees and switch the raise right into a push press. Within the push press, nevertheless, there isn’t a restrict to the quantity of hip and knee flexion and extension.

Any fundamental barbell train could have very discreet standards for its completion. The squat is outlined as going from lockout right down to the crease of the hips slightly below the highest of the patella and again to lockout. The bench press touches the chest and is returned to lockout. This lets you successfully evaluate your present numbers with these beforehand dealt with. In case you didn’t have discreet standards for every raise, how would you assess whether or not or not progress is being made? This is among the issues with permitting your squats to creep up above parallel. If you’re utilizing the push press as one among your major higher physique lifts how have you learnt in case your higher physique is actually stronger or in case you are merely utilizing your legs extra/squatting deeper into the preliminary drive of the press?

Let me make clear: we aren’t against utilizing the push press (or another accent raise) as a supplemental device for power coaching offered its use is properly warranted (as in not in the course of the novice linear development and never till properly into late intermediate coaching).  In reality, an Olympic lifter will most definitely want to include push presses into their coaching for creating the jerk.

Since we’re already squatting and deadlifting, the press as described in Beginning Energy: Fundamental Barbell Coaching higher serves our functions for creating a robust higher physique than the push press, which shares a good portion of its work with the decrease physique. Whereas it may not use as a lot weight, the load it does use is dealt with by the higher physique by means of an efficient vary of movement that’s far better than the push press.