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When it comes to the low-cost and effortless plant-primarily based bulk bin things, you can not go incorrect with lentils. These powerhouse protein legumes are normally on hand at our residence. I retain red, green, and either black or French on hand at any offered time. Each and every lentil range has a spot in these lentil recipes.

Vegetarian Lentil Recipes


Curried Carrot Soup | @naturallyella

Major with the most apparent, lentil soups and stews are hearty and filling. I will say, on the other hand, I do not make your conventional lentil soups. I like massive flavors, like these identified in curry and berbere blends. Finest of all, these soups are definitely up to the challenge of pairing with loads of vegetables.



Black Lentil Enchiladas with Zucchini | Naturally Ella

Subsequent up, my favored category. Normally you’d see beans as the basis for tacos and enchiladas but I like a fantastic hearty lentil in the mix. Lentils in particular come in handy if you do not have any beans currently cooked because most the lentils are cooked in 30 (and can be cooked with spices, just like beans!)


Lentil Bites

Marina-Smothered Lentil Bites with Mozzarella | Naturally Ella

This category is a bit precise but with fantastic cause. I like a fantastic lentil bite (or ‘meat’ball if that is how you want to roll). It is such a magical point and it is tough to clarify which indicates you just require to attempt it for oneself. I’ve identified so numerous techniques to use these bites but this is just a handful of of my favored:


Key Dishes

Spicy Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joes

This category includes some of my favored recipes, and I’m speaking all sorts, not just lentil recipes. The masala lentils are a fan favored whilst I would gladly consume the sloppy joes just about every week.



Ultimately, the final category of salads. I generally reserve lentils in salads for making use of leftovers. Of course, you do not normally have to do that! Lentils make for a hearty addition to greens. I like making use of French or Black lentils in salads. They are lovely and hold their shape definitely nicely.