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The duodenal switch surgery, as properly its single anastomosis modification, is created to support sufferers with extended term weight loss. The process removes/sections off components of the stomach, alters the little intestine, and make other physical modifications. The finish target is to make sufferers really feel complete quicker and lessen the quantity of “hunger pangs” they practical experience.

Duodenal switch sufferers can count on to drop a huge quantity of weight more than a period of time. Based on height and weight, sufferers can drop up to 25 % of their weight inside a year. But in order to drop weight, and hold it off for the rest of your life, Weightwise has a precise Duodenal Switch diet strategy for sufferers to comply with.

The significance of Duodenal Switch post-op diets

Immediately after any of our bariatric procedures, Weightwise medical doctors or dietitians will outline a precise diet for the 1st two weeks following the surgery. This diet is in location to support ease sufferers into a new life style as properly as retrain the physique to accept significantly less meals. This diet is created to protect against discomfort, weight regains, and even injury.

So even though you will be capable to return to typical activities a day or two following surgery, you will not be capable to return to your typical diet. An unhealthy life style is what brings a lot of of our sufferers to us. The surgery and diet, as properly as perform with our workout physiologists, are the 1st methods to altering that life style.

Diet Schedule

Whilst just about every scenario is distinct, there are specific recommendations our sufferers can count on. Right here is an instance schedule for DS sufferers:

Pre-Surgery (advised)

  • Customized weight loss strategy: your surgeon will give you a pre-surgery target weight to attain. Your dietitian will perform with you to customize a strategy that will support you attain this target weight prior to surgery.
  • 1 day prior: clear liquids only
  • Midnight just before surgery: no meals or drinks

Post-Surgery (as directed by Weightwise)

  • two weeks: liquid diet of hydrating fluids, electrolytes, and protein supplements
  • two-four weeks: soft proteins only (no protein supplements or pureed foods)
  • four weeks: life extended postop diet! Common texture, lean proteins, and non-starchy veggies

Your schedule or meals intake may well be altered by the physician or dietitian to improved suit your purposes. But it is place in location to make certain you do not place undue anxiety on the physique following surgery. In addition to clear liquids and soft foods, you will also take vitamin and mineral supplementation to make certain you get the nutrients you need to have.

Physical, Mental Alterations

In the weeks following surgery, with physical activity and following the advised diet prescribed by our employees, you will commence to notice weight loss. But additional than that, your physique will start out going via hormonal modifications as properly. You will discover the wish to consume lessens in the following days.

There will nonetheless be an open line of communication with Weightwise, such as consultations and scheduled visits. We’ll be with you just about every step of the way, either in individual, more than the telephone, or video conferencing. Our assistance employees will be your largest cheerleader!

At Weightwise, we’re firm believers that bariatric surgery like a duodenal switch is only the 1st step. The perform comes in the days, weeks, and months that comply with. Whilst weight loss occurs virtually quickly, altering a life style is a life-extended endeavor.

For additional facts on our surgical procedures, non-surgical applications, and assistance employees – such as dietitians, patient advocates, and workout physiologists – make contact with us right now. Or join us at an upcoming seminar – or view a single on-line for totally free – to see why our system is so prosperous.