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This fast assessment was supplied Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

Our flight landed earlier than anticipated and we have been in a position to get a final minute unplanned stroll-in seating at this restaurant for lunch. My initial impression of this location was pretty superior. I spoke with the host about no matter if they could accommodate my daughter’s egg and dairy allergy and they showed me an allergy menu that had numerous possibilities for these restrictions. The seater who walked us to our seat even asked if the restaurant crayons and cutlery have been secure for my daughter to use. Even so, on the stroll to the table she commented on how sad it is for little ones to have allergies and how a great deal they miss out on. Though I know she was attempting to be type it was a pretty adverse way to begin our trip as 1 of the causes we like Disney, is mainly because we do not really feel we miss out on something.

The waiter and seater have been additional than pleased to get the chef for us to speak to. The chef came out and we discussed how he could safely prepare the little ones shrimp skewer meal and substitute fries for the rice. We agreed on a secure dessert solution of Tofutti Ice-cream, Delight in Life Cookies and Hershey’s Syrup. He stated he would verify the components on the sprinkles to see if they have been secure for her. He explained that they had a committed fryer to make the fries and the meals would be safely ready on a separate grill. At that point I was confident that she would be taken care of. That is when issues went however pretty incorrect.

A busser brought my daughter her meal to the table stacked underneath her sisters open cheese burger, this however transferred cheese residue all more than the bottom of the plate. There was no allergy stick on the meals. We waited to speak with the waiter who told us that they take away the allergy sticks just before the meals is served? Prior to we could even address the cross contamination concern we noticed that the order was incorrect…she had been sent brown rice alternatively of fries. The plate was sent back to the kitchen and I was told a new 1 would be ready. Minutes later the skewer of shrimp returned with further shrimp added to it and a pile of green beans and we have been told we would have to wait for fries to be ready. Concerned about the meals, we inspected it closely and located penne noodles covered in an oily residue buried inside the green beans. We decided to enable her to consume the shrimp only, which however by this time have been cold and terribly more than salted, and waited for the fries which have been brought out 10 minutes later. I in all probability must have complained additional but we have been so tired and hungry we figured she could at least consume the dessert the chef had promised.

As soon as once more when dessert arrived it was not what was ordered. She was sent a bowl of Tofutti on a plate with Hershey’s M&ampM’s, Sprinkles and Syrup. I straight away noticed the M&ampM’s and pushed the dessert away. At this point the waiter, started adamantly stating that M&ampM’s have been secure for dairy allergies. I actually had to google an ingredient list to show him that they contained milk and have been not secure. He took them back to the kitchen and then came back and apologized, bringing me a bottle of brand new unopened Hershey’s syrup. The cookies in no way arrived. I asked to speak with the chef but was told he was also busy with the rush to speak to me about what occurred. As an alternative the waiter provided absolutely free light out Tinkerbells and was pretty apologetic.

We have been pretty pleased to have avoided what could have been a pretty really serious reaction. Even so, the series of events that occurred through this meal service showed me that there have been many areas have been additional allergy education was necessary with the employees on duty at the time. We have been pretty glad that this was our only disappointing encounter of the whole trip.

Propose Captain’s Grill for dairy and egg absolutely free?: No

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