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Faucet Model Material Style Touchless Warranty
Delta 9178T-DST
(Editor’s Choice)
Brass Pulldown Partial Lifetime
& 5 years(electronic parts)
Moen 7594ESRS Metal Pulldown Yes Lifetime
& 5 years(electronic parts)
Kraus KPF 1650SS Brass Commercial No Lifetime
Moen 7294SRS Metal Pullout No Lifetime
Delta 21996LF-OB Plastic 2-handled No Lifetime

Here’s our picks for the Best Kitchen Faucets.

1. Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet – Best to Buy in 2019

It was an easy choice to make when the team picked the best kitchen faucet to buy in 2019 – the 9178T-DST model stands out as a definite cut above the rest.


  • Touch to turn on/off
  • Temperature indicator
  • Battery status indicator
  • Smart anti-splattering spray modes
  • Elegant design
  • Compatible with batteries/AC adapter

Functional and beautiful design

The 9178T comes in a solid, steel body with an elegant design. It offers 4 beautiful finishing options: sleek chrome, classic Venetian bronze, fine spotshield stainless steel, and arctic steel.

The tap is mounted with a one-piece supply line and a diamond-embedded ceramic disc, which minimizes, if not eliminates, leaks as well as wear on the seals. It is compatible with both 1 hole and 3 hole mounting, with an escutcheon included for a flawless look.

But it isn’t only the look of reliability and exquisiteness that conquers the hearts of thousands of households in the US. The Delta faucet comes with functions that set it a far cry from casual taps, and even those at the same price range.

A top-notch washing experience

With decades of experience in making faucets, Delta seems to know what’s going on in the kitchen. They have developed technologies that make every contact with the kitchen tap a bliss for the cook!

2 water modes, with ShieldSpray

With a spray wand, you can adjust between 2 water modes – spray and stream – for various cleaning purposes. What’s more, the 9178T also comes with Delta’s famous ShieldSpray technology, which allows easy and effective cleaning with 90% less splatter.

Touch to turn on/off

Every cook knows the predicament when you want to fill a pot or wash your hands; you don’t want to pass whatever that is greasy on the hands onto the faucet.

With its smart Touch2O technology, this faucet turns on and off with a touch of the arms (or even the feet, if you’re up for it.)

Better yet, by measuring the duration of contact (to the milliseconds!), it even knows if you’re touching for the water or to adjust the direction or the temperature.

Auto switch off after four minutes

If you’re a super forgetful person like me, you’re gonna appreciate this! Plus, this feature is extremely useful if you have kids or even cats in your house, who may turn the water on by accidently touching or brushing the unit.

You always know if the water is hot

Thanks to a LED light that changes from blue (cold) to magenta (warm) to red (hot) as the water temperature increases.

…. and when to change the battery

When energy is running low, the LED light that usually stays blue to indicate the active touch mode will flash red. Depending on the type of batteries you use, you will need to change them only once every 2 to 5 years.

But if you don’t fancy batteries, the faucet is also compatible with an A/C adapter. You need to purchase it separately though.

2. Moen Arbor Motionsense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet – Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Right next to Delta on the board of fame for kitchen faucet makers is Moen, and when it comes to sensored pull-down faucets, it’s very hard to find any other that can match with its 7594ESRS both in terms of performance and design.

Moen 7594ESRS Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sensor


  • Activates/deactivates with motion
  • Long hose (68 inches)
  • Beautiful timeless design
  • Filters water sediments


  • Sediment build-ups may affect water pressure
  • Pricey

A transitional look

Be it a vintage, barn, or modern kitchen you’re planning to install this faucet in, it will stand out in a very harmonious way. That is thanks to the simple design with a long, delicate neck and an almost seamless finish that states elegance and luxury.

No gimmicky details, just a smooth surface all over. This Moen faucet is the definition of a timeless design.

Hands-free convenience

Since nobody fancies washing kitchen grease off what just helped to wash their hands, the Moen Motionsense comes with 2 sensors. One is near the base like what you usually find in the bathroom, and one is right at the highest point of the neck (which you will really appreciate if you’re a tall person).

The sensors are sensitive, but they’re pretty smart and easy to use. You will have no problem adjusting the water temperature and pivoting the faucet while it’s running. When one of the sensors need to be disabled, keep your hand in front of it for 5 seconds. Do the same to turn it back on. It’s as simple as that.

A 68-inch hose

When it comes to kitchen faucets, size does matter and what sets the Moen Motionsense a far cry from others is its super long hose. At 68 inches or 172 centimeters, the faucet head can reach just about anything in a small kitchen, let alone the sink itself, however big it is.

If you don’t have a deep and large sink that can fit a big pot, you will really love this. It’s just so handy – pull the head out right over the countertop and have it fill your pot. When you’re done, the hose will retract itself smoothly.

The faucet is pretty tall (15.5 inches) and I have a large, double-sink, so I can always fill my pitchers and pots right in there. However, the pull-out function is still extremely useful for when I need to clean the sink. Every single corner is covered – no awkward splashing of water with my hands because there’s nowhere it can’t reach!

Effective filtration, at a price

The Moen offers two spray modes: a gentle aerated stream for everyday cleaning and a more powerful rinse mode with its PowerClean technology for stubborn food particles on your dishes.

Some users, however, find the water pressure reducing after a while and even the PowerClean mode is not that strong anymore. When that happens, check the filter integrated inside the faucet to see if there is anything building up in there.

Clean it, or remove the filter altogether, and you should be good to go. But if there are a lot of sediments in your water, it’s probably time to get an undersink filtration system to ensure your safety.

3. Kraus KPF-1650SS Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet – Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

You know what’s unsightly?

A huge grande faucet on a lavabo the size of a bowl. Or the opposite of that, there is a tiny teeny faucet over a trenta sink. Trust me, it looks really really weird.

If you have a grande or tentra sink, find a faucet like the Kraus KPF 1650SS to go with it.

Kraus KPF-1650SS Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


  • Tall, beautiful design
  • 2 spray modes
  • Lead free body
  • Durable ceramic cartridge
  • NSF certified
  • Affordable price


  • 8.63″ spout reach
  • Difficult to clean

A super tall, slender faucet

At 26.25 inches (or 67 cm), the KPF is the tallest faucet in this collection. It balances out the space over a deep oversized sink, and augments a long countertop with some vertical impressions. The unique design helps too – it’s actually a very good conversation starter in the kitchen when you have guests over.

In practical aspects, the plausible height also allows the faucet to function exceptionally well in a commercial context with heavy-duty work when there are lots of fruits/veggies or pots and dishes to wash all at once.

Nothing fancy, but it’s highly functional

The Kraus features basic functions of a faucet. And it does what it’s supposed to do very well.

It offers 2 different spray modes, accommodates adjustments of flow rate and water temperature, and allows you to swivel it up to 360 degrees for convenience. Pretty much everything you want a faucet to have.

Unlike on other pull down faucets, the head doesn’t retract and shorten itself when released. Rather, it will be pulled close to the dock thanks to the spring neck and lock in the magnetic hand.

I’m not sure of the reason why the self-retract mechanism is not a feature, but my guess is that since the faucet itself is high and it’s most likely installed over a large and deep sink, there would be more than enough space to slid the biggest pots in between. In such case, a longer (and extendable and retractable) spout wouldn’t even be necessary.

A certified product at an affordable price

The Kraus quality aligns with probably every code and standard you can think of for a faucet. Its cartridge is made of ceramic, whereas the whole metal body is NSF-certified to be lead-free.

Surprisingly, it comes at a price that can’t be more affordable, especially compared to other faucets of the same size and functionalities. For less than $200, you really can’t find a better commercial faucet than this.

4. Moen 7294SRS Arbor Pullout Kitchen Faucet – Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

The Moen 7294SRS looks like a mini version of the pull-down MotionSense. It has the same pretty exterior design, except with a shorter neck, and looks both luxurious and adorably heart-melting.

Moen 7294SRS Pull out Kitchen Tap


  • Long braided hose
  • Self-retracting
  • Moen’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Spot resist
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Escutcheon included


  • Flow restrictor may influence water pressure (but it’s removable!)

Pull out design for the small sink

While the 7294SRS doesn’t come with a fancy sensor system like the more expensive MotionSense, it’s designed to make things super easy over the smallest sink.

You will enjoy the benefits of an awesome reflex system with simple control of the spray head and the smart docking hose – we’re talking about a flexible but sturdy head that retracts itself to the original position once its filling/cleaning job is completed.

Also, while it would look better on a lavabo mignon, the faucet has zero problems supporting any cleaning and filling jobs on the most spacious sink. Unless your sink is more than 68 inches in any diameter, its braided hose will extend and reach the furthest corner.

Power clean

This faucet comes with two spray options: one for casual cleaning, and the other for heavy duty with Moen’s well-known PowerClean technology. What this technology does is to increase the spray power by 50 percent, which makes it the perfect mode for when there’s some greasy sauce on a plate or a pan to get rid of.

What’s cool is that once turned off, it defaults to the other mode. This means the flow will always be gentle and smooth when you turn it on – you never have to open the tap with the worry that the water will come out like Niagra Falls, splattering all over the kitchen place.

Snap to install in less than 30 minutes

It’s a bliss to install and replace this faucet, as with most other Moen products. You neither need to spend a fortune on a plumber to do the job nor do you need a shopping list of tools.

The “snap to install” design allows you to set the whole thing up within less than half an hour. Check the instruction video out – I’m sure you’ll grasp the idea even if you were not born a handyman!

5. Delta Faucet 21996LF-OB Windermere Kitchen Faucet – Best Classic Tap Set

If you have more of a traditional taste and want a simple faucet that does and only does the locking and releasing of water, you’re gonna love the Delta 21996LF-OB Windemere.

Delta 21996LF OB Windemere Classic Tap Set


  • Beautiful in design
  • Three finish options
  • Long pull out side sprayer
  • Affordable
  • Side sprayer included


  • Prone to leaking after several years

A design to augment your kitchen

This set of Delta faucet has a timeless design with a high-arch spout in the middle, two controlling handles on its two sides, and an extra pull-out sprayer, all matching in style and color.

While the style doesn’t spell luxury, it does look more expensive than it actually is, and is definitely gorgeous enough to augment the sink area even in a high-end kitchen. With three finish choices, it can sit as beautifully in a traditional style kitchen as it does in a modern one.

Convenient side sprayer

The main spout is a traditional one: it’s not one of those pull-down faucets. Its flow and temperature can be controlled with ease using the handles – however, it could take more than a couple of attempts before you really get the hang of it (as in, how to get the exact temperature you need).

The main spout is swivelable and at its size, it can reach most parts of the sink. Its height also leaves sufficient space for you to toss, turn and wash your big pots.

When you need to fill an extra large container, however, the side spray head is to be used. It can be pulled out to as far as 48 inches (or 120cm). Unless you want to use it to water flowers in your backyard, the coverage would be more than sufficient.

A cheap price for the quality

A bang for your buck, really. At less than $100, this quality faucet will make even sets double its price seem pale in comparison. Not saying it is comparable to top notch products, but it definitely offers a very smooth and satisfying experience. It’s a Delta after all.