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PRESS RELEASE: Red Mountain Weight Loss Partners with Kellie Rasberry Dallas Radio Icon

Just in time for the 4 Dallas-Fort Worth Red Mountain Weight Loss® clinic grand openings, the business is proud to announce their partnership with nearby radio icon Kellie Rasberry of the Kidd Kraddick Show Morning Show on 106.1 KISS FM. Rasberry’s husband Allen Evans is also participating.

“For 22 years we have effectively treated tens of thousands of individuals in Arizona,” stated Red Mountain Weight Loss® Founder and Chief Healthcare Officer, Dr. Suzanne Bentz. “I went to undergrad and health-related college in North Texas, so I am no stranger to the region, but our business is brand new to residents. We necessary a way to prove to DFW that Red Mountain Weight Loss® is the actual deal. We knew we had to discover the proper partners that not only talked the speak but walked the stroll. Partnering with Kellie and Allen is a win for all. We are providing them the tools for results, and they are all enhancing their overall health.”

Bentz met a single-on-a single with Rasberry and Evans in the course of a current pre-opening trip to DFW. They discussed their particular overall health, life-style desires and weight loss ambitions. Following finishing a complete evaluation, such as lab operate, Bentz place them each on an individualized version of her signature RM3® System. RM3® is a three-step complete system created to aid individuals drop weight quickly and retain it off more than time. RM3® begins with Step 1: Weight Loss Window that involves numerous attributes such as:

  • Month-to-month workplace check out with a Red Mountain Weight Loss® health-related provider.
  • Proprietary, patented prescription medicines created to accelerate weight loss
  • Certain diet program that involves advised every day protein intake as properly as a list of meal program selections
  • Weekly Fat Burner Weight Loss Shots
  • App access to validated RM recipes employing actual meals
  • Healthcare-grade vitamins and supplements to help in effective weight loss


After individuals – such as Rasberry and Evans – attain their target, they move to Step two: Transition Month. The transition month is appropriately named as individuals transition off the proprietary prescription medicines and adjust to a new, expanded diet program, preparing individuals for the subsequent step. Ultimately, in Step three: Lifetime Upkeep, folks are provided a brand-new, individualized diet program and other advised tools to sustain their weight loss more than time.

With a month of health-related weight loss below their now-loosening belts, Rasberry and Evans have seasoned the advantages of Red Mountain Weight Loss.

“I just can not think it,” stated Rasberry. “I am amazed at the adjust so rapid. My husband and I are performing this with each other, and we each agree that we haven’t felt this superior in years. We do not really feel deprived, we consume actual meals, and we have a lot more power than just before.”


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