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Just more than eleven years ago when he was two years old Sahil reacted to peanut butter residue.  More than the years, Sahil has tested good to peanuts, soy  and different tree nuts on blood tests &amp skin prick tests carried out by different allergists. He has reacted to peanut and soy just after ingestion but as far as we knew he had under no circumstances ingested tree nuts. However, regardless of the higher price of false positives for allergen precise blood tests and skin prick tests we had been told to stay away from all tree nuts. We now know the typical practice of recommending blanket avoidance was incorrect.  We must have been provided oral meals challenges to person tree nuts when he was two years old to establish if there had been nuts he was not allergic to &amp incorporate these in his diet in order to protect against allergies from creating.

Right now we began what must have been carried out more than 10 years ago:  oral meals challenges to tree nuts.


Right now : Almond

We arrived in Burlington this morning with a bag of Amazing brand almonds for Sahil’s oral meals challenge.  Sahil was nervous &amp scared so was I.

His lung function, blood stress &amp temperature had been measured.

Then he was provided progressively growing amounts of almond about 20 minutes apart.  He had five doses in total : 1/8th, 1/two, 1, two and four almonds.  Sahil ate just more than 7 almonds more than the span of two hours.  He tolerated the doses he did not have any symptoms.  He passed the almond challenge!

Sahil should now continue to consume two to four almonds two to 3 occasions per week to assure continued tolerance.  He will continue consuming two peanuts a day to sustain tolerance to peanuts.  We will return in a month for Sahil to challenge yet another tree nut.

Dr Mack also spoke with me about Jaya.  He advisable slowing down the oral immunotherapy method for her mainly because of her extreme reactions to low doses in July and in early November.  Jaya is to continue the every day dose of 1 mL of milk for the subsequent three months and then Dr Mack will let us know how to proceed.