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These markets have turn out to be a foodie institution for Brisbane, showcasing top quality and revolutionary street meals from about the globe in a entertaining, market place style atmosphere. They have turn out to be so well-liked with Brisbanites they have not too long ago expanded to cater for the expanding crowds. And gluten totally free foodies do not have to miss out. Several of the meals stalls have gluten totally free solutions, and some are 100% gluten totally free. I have just incorporated these with identified coeliac secure meals practices, but I recommend you hit Consume Street Northshore’s internet site (hyperlink beneath) to download their meals intolerances information sheet which offers the complete run down on gluten totally free solutions (as nicely as DF, V & Vegan). It can get seriously, seriously busy, so ideal to arrive close to opening hours if you want to keep away from some of the crowd craziness.


NOTE: Only two of the solutions reviewed right here are 100% gluten totally free, but the rest all have pretty great coeliac secure practices in spot to minimize the threat of cross contamination*


Top rated Consume STREET PICKS

Rogue Spice – East Wharf, Container 75

Hands down my favourite savoury solution at the markets, and they are 100% gluten totally free! Their slow braised beef brisket and their ribs mains are TO DIE FOR! So substantially flavour and so so tender. My husband had significant meals envy when I had the brisket final time we have been there. And do not overlook to sample their fried chicken…sooo great! All of their meals is gluten totally free.


L’Apero – Primary Deck, Container 31

French street meals brings you the Raclette: hot molten cheese smothered more than hot potatoes, bacon & fried onion. Hello. Not for the faint hearted or diet conscious, but worth the indulgence.

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Slinky’s – Primary Deck, Container 24

The great old potato slinky…nothing like a salty fried carb hit to get your taste buds going into overdrive even though you suss out the rest of the fare on give. These are an Consume Street institution, and happily the venue is 100% gluten totally free.

Potato slinky Eat Street Markets @glutenfreejoy.com.au


Poulet & Porc – The Laneway, Container 20

Head right here for some juicy spicy chicken wings and melt in the mouth pork belly served with a yum orange salad.

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The Vietnamese Shack – Asia Street, Container 47

They have cute as heck (& seriously yum!) potato prawns, cooked in a seperate fryer for coeliacs, and their rice paper rolls are all gluten totally free.


Karinderia – East Wharf, Container 70

Filipino street meals with a excellent variety of gluten totally free solutions like their pork & chicken skewers and their BBQ corn which is awesome. They can also cater what they get in touch with their Boodle Fight menus for a private group, which is a ‘bare hand’ consuming feast of entrees, mains, dessert solutions, all laid out on banana leaves and eaten as one particular course. It emphasizes seafood and is all gluten totally free! Speak to them straight for extra details.


Salty Sailor – Trawler Deck, Container 61

They give all of their merchandise gluten totally free, with a devoted gluten totally free fryer. So if you have been craving that battered fish and chips expertise once more, this is the spot!


Miss Claudes Crepes – Primary Deck, Container 27.

These guys can make each sweet and savoury gluten totally free crepes, with numerous of their fillings also gluten totally free. If you let them know you are coeliac, they employ particular coeliac secure practices to minimize cross contamination (separate bench region, gloves and so forth). I have tasted their Crepes Suzette crepe and Oh My Word it was awesome!

French crepes Eat Street Markets


The Dessert Depo – Laneway, Container 22

The quintessentially gluten totally free poster cake, the humble macaron, can be discovered right here in a rainbow of colours & flavours, just how we like it! And for these poor souls with added dairy intolerance there are quite a few that are also dairy totally free. They have also not too long ago introduced a yum choice of gluten totally free cakes/slices….a should attempt is the Mango & Pistachio creation!

Gluten free macarons Eat Street Markets


Doughnut Bar – Kombi Alley

Their cinnamon donuts are just yum and are created in a separate gluten totally free fryer. They are also dairy totally free. Constantly worth a taste test!




Hamilton – 221D Macarthur Av.

Opening Hours:

Fri & Sat four-10pm

Sun 11am-7pm


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*PLEASE NOTE: Whilst only meals establishments with a commitment to coeliac secure practices have been incorporated in this evaluation, not all of the venues are 100% gluten totally free and can’t thus assure against accidental cross contamination (airborne wheaten flour and so forth). You will have to have to identify your personal level of threat in this regard