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Gluten is in way additional locations than bread, pasta, and pizza. Have you gone gluten-free of charge simply because of celiac illness or some other explanation? Let’s speak about 13 surprising locations gluten hides and it most probably is not exactly where you feel.

If you are new to the gluten free of charge life but know a bit about it, probabilities are fantastic you know to keep away from pizza, pasta, burgers, and so forth. But do you know all the other hidden spots gluten tends to hide?

13 Surprising Areas Gluten Hides

Try to remember: Wheat free of charge does not automatically imply gluten free of charge. Generally study labels meticulously.


Regular soy sauce includes wheat and it will be listed in the components. Gluten-free of charge soy sauce does exist so you can usually ask at restaurants, or get at the grocery shop.

Hunting for a gluten-free of charge soy sauce? Verify out this one particular!


Some cereals, especially rice primarily based cereals that one particular would feel are gluten-free of charge, are not. An instance of this is Kellogg’s Rice Krispie’s have malt flavor in them.

Try to remember gluten is something with wheat, rye, or barley. Malt is created from barley. So make confident anytime you are shopping for cereal that you make sure that it is in truth gluten free of charge.

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Quite a few candy bars are gluten free of charge, but make confident and usually study labels. 1 instance is vacation candy bars of routinely gluten free of charge candies are not usually gluten free of charge when they make a snack size or vacation version. I’m not sure why this is, but make sure you study labels usually!


Some deli meats are gluten free of charge and labeled as such. Other people are not and want to be checked meticulously. Anytime you are shopping for deli meat, make confident you ask a group member to transform their gloves and clean the slicer as properly.

Occasionally you can get pre-packaged deli meat that is clearly labeled as gluten free of charge and will not have the opportunity of cross contamination.

Gluten can hide at the deli meat counter

Gluten can hide at the deli meat counter

five. MAKE-UP

Make-up such as foundation, lipstick, and so forth can have gluten in it. Make confident that you are usually reading your labels of anything and something!


Once more, this is a rather frustrating one particular that corporations place gluten in things such as shampoo but you want to verify all components of your items to make confident they are totally gluten free of charge.

One of the pages out the gluten-free travel workbook

1 of the pages out the gluten-free of charge travel workbook

7. POTS &amp PANS

Do you share a kitchen with an individual that eats gluten? Cross contamination can hide or occur if you share pots and pans or things like toasters. I would advocate possessing a separate set of pots and pans for your self if you share a kitchen with an individual that eats gluten. You can under no circumstances be as well cautious!

eight. GRILLS

Consider that the heat of a grill will kill all the gluten? Consider once more! Make confident you use foil or some other protective measure when you are grilling with individuals that are consuming gluten or if it is a shared grill. Park grills, grills at neighborhood space, and so forth are exposed to so a lot so you want to make confident you defend your self.


In no way believed gluten was hiding in your countertops? It conveniently could be! So make confident you are further cautious if you share a kitchen with a gluten consuming individual and usually completely wipe down each and every surface.

gluten can hide in your counter tops

gluten can hide in your counter tops


Just like countertops, gluten can be hiding in your cutting boards. If you have celiac illness, I would hugely advocate possessing your personal cutting boards and not sharing them with an individual who cuts things containing gluten.

11. BEER &amp LIQUOR

If you are new to the gluten free of charge life, do not be concerned, there are nonetheless drinks for you! Wine is gluten free of charge and a lot of liquors as properly. Most beer includes gluten, but there are now entirely gluten free of charge beers and a lot of 100% gluten free of charge breweries popping up as properly!

With liquors, make confident and study labels and usually ask when you are out at a bar or restaurant. If the server does not know, stick with wine or cider or a liquor that you know is 100 % gluten free of charge.


I know this appears odd and frequently not one thing individuals feel about when they 1st go gluten free of charge. Even so, some more than the counter or prescription drugs can have gluten in them to bind pills collectively. If you have celiac illness, make confident and usually study the labels and or ask the pharmacist concerns!

Make sure you check for any gluten in your drugs

Make confident you verify for any gluten in your drugs


So not only do a lot of condiments include gluten in the components, but based on the variety of condiment and how it is made use of, it could include gluten simply because an individual else made use of it. Generally be cautious! A person could have dipped a gluten containing utensil in it and then you use it and get cross contamination. It is occasionally a slim opportunity, but honestly you under no circumstances know!

Exactly where else do you uncover gluten hides in your globe? These are only 13 surprising locations gluten hides and there sadly are loads of other locations!

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