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My super simple hair routine plus the DL on how we are gradually creating the switch to much more all-natural hair care items. This post is a element of our all-natural beauty series. 

Correct confession from a operate from house mom: I legit do not do my hair…

perhaps due to the fact I do not truly have.. I have straight hair that dries fairly rapid or perhaps it is due to the fact I do not appear in the mirror as well significantly, #momlife.

Either way my routine is fairly straightforward, I’ve under no circumstances colored my hair, and get it reduce a couple occasions a year.

I’ve lately began to operate on upping my hair game as element of a Sunday self care routine but TBH, I’m a fairly plain jane individual. I do enjoy a fantastic blow out and when I travel for company I attempt to pop into a drybar for a style that will final for days.

And this is essentially what turned me on to this entire concept of not washing my hair every single day!

Do you wash your hair every single day?

I use to be one particular of these girls (you as well?) My entire life I’d wash my hair on the day-to-day, partly Florida sweat, partly that is all I knew… but right after acquiring specialist blow outs, I realized I was employing the incorrect hair care items that would gunk up my hair and make it really feel like a grease ball.

The frustrating element of this entire equations is I was attempting to be much more conscientious about the items I get. I wasn’t spending a ton on hair care items but I didn’t get the cheapest– in reality I was employing ORGANIC hair wash.

My hair care routine:

I know I’m not a beauty blogger or know all there is to know about safer beauty items so that is why I’ve teamed up with this group of bloggers and consulted my good friends on their favored items.

  • I wash and situation my hair two occasions per week.
  • 1-two of these occasions I will let my hair air dry.
  • About 25% of the time I will blow dry my hair and then style it with Kristin Ess Styling Wand. I do not get as well crazy with this but it is a way to aid bump my hair with a small beachy wave. 

Not only does this routine operate for me due to the fact like I stated I’m fairly simple– I’ve heard that not employing heat treatment options on my hair aids to give it that much more all-natural appear and shine, given that as well significantly heat can harm hair.

Why I began employing much more all-natural beauty items?

I began employing much more all-natural skin care items right after possessing my very first infant. I was turned on to this entire concept about all-natural beauty items from my buddy who is extremely educated in this region.

But also due to the fact I was spending cash on larger top quality safer items for infant, and then realized why I wasn’t performing the similar for myself?

Component of this entire improved beauty mission was also intensified right after my breast cancer scare which I haven’t truly disclosed about on the weblog prior to, but it was actually the scariest week of my life… my valuable babe was only four months old at the time, and life got truly actual.

Hence I evaluated anything I was performing in the name of prevention and caring for my physique in the very best way I can.

How to obtain non toxic beauty items?

Pals, this is the entire annoying/frustrating/eyeroll element of safer beauty to me. Like that title of “non toxic” just rubs me the incorrect way. The beauty market wants a lot of operate IMO. I do not know if you really feel this way, but for me so significantly of the advertising and marketing on safer beauty makes use of scare techniques and appears a small misleading– it is so challenging to obtain these improved for your beauty items.

Every person is attempting to sell one thing, which includes your neighbor and buddy at the fitness center who has their Multilevel marketing biz, and it is challenging to figure out what to think.

I was chatting with a buddy about this and we each agreed that we obtain this entire element super annoying, and even though we spent our fantastic cash on organic or “natural” items, right after much more investigation they do not life up to the hype and essentially include “harmful” components.

But how damaging are these components? Does it truly matter to get non toxic beauty items? How significantly investigation is there in this region? Even though quite a few advertising and marketing campaigns could possibly be convincing/make me nervous, I’m nonetheless more than right here in the camp that perhaps we do not truly have all the information however.

But that does not imply I’m going to wait about till we obtain out all the answers. I’m going to do the very best I can ideal now for me and my family members.

My entire viewpoint on this improved beauty movement is related to my nutrition philosophy.

I think in consuming properly and balanced and performing the very best you can, and that can imply unique issues in every single stage of life.

When it comes to meals, consuming much more plant primarily based, loads of fruits and veggies is top rated priority, and when you can, get improved items that are organic and include much less additives. I do not like to anxiety or freak out about the meals my family members eats, we strive for balance and acquiring improved every single day.

So switching to much more all-natural beauty items is not an overnight procedure. It requires time, but we are going to do the very best we can and attempt to obtain some answers and figure out what performs for us. 

Valuable Hair Care Apps

Consider Dirty is an app that I decided to give a attempt. I enjoy how simple this app tends to make it to rule out toxic beauty items by ranking them primarily based on potentially damaging components. Just scan the barcode of a solution and the app ranks the toxicity of that solution – the decrease the quantity, the improved!

EWG’s Skin Deep is a further useful app if you are attempting to make the switch to much more all-natural hair care items. Like Consider Dirty, the EWG app examines and potentially toxic components in beauty items.

Very best Organic Hair Items

Mainly because I’m certainly not an professional in the region of all-natural beauty items, I reached out to my good friends for their assistance in this initiative. I’ve teamed up with some wonderful green mamas that know a point or two about how to reside much more all-natural when it comes to beauty. 

I was chatting with Morgan (who performs behind the scenes on all issues L&ampZ) about this upcoming weblog post and discovered that she has truly been embarking on all-natural hair care so I believed I’d bring her on currently to share her procedure and the very best all-natural hair items with you guys! 

Morgan’s Organic Hair Care Routine

I had a enormous hair care routine revelation this time final year. I was one particular of these gals that spent more than half of my life washing my hair daily – my thick, fine hair that took at least an hour from start off to finish to get it searching precisely how I wanted it to.

A loathing, under no circumstances ending hair care routine was all I knew for years. So when I started creating the switch to non-toxic beauty items, I was introduced to an overwhelming quantity of unique brands, items, and persons that advocated for much more all-natural hair items.  

Jasmine Rae Hair Co. is a deep properly of understanding who introduced me to the idea of scalp remedy, the concept that the overall health of your hair and how generally you wash it stems from the overall health of your scalp. She delivers endless strategies and tricks on scalp care that has saved me hours upon hours on my hair care routine!

Seeds Phytonutrients has under no circumstances left my scalp or hair feeling so clean! I employed to consider that spending much more cash on organic shampoo meant that I was performing properly for myself and my hair. But the organic shampoo I was employing for years would leave my scalp oily and my hair heavy and matted down to my head.

Following a bit of trial and error with unique shampoos, I hit the jackpot with this brand that makes use of nutrient wealthy seed oils to make their items!

O Way is a non-toxic, eco-sustainable hair care line that I found by means of my hair dresser. I use their finishing solution, glossy nectar, on wash days that shines and rebuilds my hair when also guarding it from the sun!

By no suggests is my hair care routine fancy. This is a routine that has been created by trial and error and a entire lot of investigation!

The mixture of Jasmine Rae Hair Co. hair instruction videos, Seeds Phytonutrient shampoo, and O Way Glossy Nectar has paved the way to establishing my all-natural hair care routine. From an daily washer to a 2x/week washer, I’m right here to inform you it is doable!

Want much more?? Verify out my good friends all-natural hair routines! 

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