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We continually get asked to clarify the distinction among a Dietitian and Nutritionist. Yes they are distinctive and yes we will generally appropriate you when you get in touch with us a Nutritionist. Study on to locate out why we get slightly offended ) 


Australia at the moment does not regulate the expert titles ‘nutritionist’ or ‘dietitian’, leaving a wide marketplace for misinformation if you do not do your personal study. The media also tends to use the two terms  interchangeably, creating distinctions among qualifications increasingly tricky. Study on as we break down the variations among these professions, their relevant qualifications, what they can do for you and what to appear for when hunting for a expert.


This term can be the most confusing of the 3, as there are varying levels of qualifications that outcome in the title ‘nutritionist’. Nutrition is a 3 year university degree, but there is at the moment no regulation more than this title in Australia, which means everyone can get in touch with themselves a nutritionist if they want, even you. Even if they have only completed a 20 minute on the web lecture!

The Nutrition Society of Australia is at the moment attempting to clear up confusion with a voluntary registration that calls for a minimum 3 year tertiary degree, or relevant years of operate encounter, to achieve the title Registered Nutritionist (RNutr). Nutritionists have completed study pertaining to neighborhood and public well being, meals science and meals policy. They are certified to present broad well being suggestions, having said that are not certified to provide individualised healthcare nutrition therapy. In Australia, each dietitian is a nutritionist, but not each nutritionist can get in touch with themselves a dietitian unless they’ve gone on to full additional study. Confusing proper?! 


A dietitian is a individual with a four year University education in Nutrition & Dietetics. They are certified to offer individualised, proof-primarily based nutrition suggestions right after undergoing a course of study with substantial theory and practice in healthcare nutrition therapy.  They are classified as the high-quality typical for nutrition suggestions by the Australian Government, which means they are covered by Medicare well being rebates and recognised by most private well being funds.

After once more the term ‘dietitian’ is not especially controlled, having said that you can trust that pros who carry the title Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) have completed a minimum 4 year tertiary degree and have to undertake quite a few hours of continual expert improvement to uphold their qualification every year. See a basic dietitian if you require help with a chronic illness, weight management or just want to boost your general well being. 

Sports Dietitian

A Sports Dietitian has gone on to full additional study to turn into professionals in Sports Nutrition. They have to be an Accredited Practicing Dietitian 1st, with a minimum of one particular year clinical encounter, along with completion of further study in the field of nutrition for sporting efficiency. Sports Dietitians are the guru’s on optimising athletic efficiency by way of meals. Their solutions are not just for expert athletes, they can (and do!) help every day exercisers to get that small bit extra out of their education. See a Sports Dietitian if you are an exerciser of any level and want to:

  • Create a program to assist you attain your perfect physique composition (fat loss/muscle achieve)

  • Get particular dietary suggestions to get the most out of your education/workout/sport

  • Maximise your recovery

  • Make weight prior to competitors with out obtaining to starve your self

  • Get sports supplement suggestions for the efficiency edge

  • Carbohydrate load for endurance events

  • Get suggestions on sticking to your nutrition program with a busy life style

  • Wholesome athleat friendly recipe suggestions
    Plus quite a few quite a few extra

Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Sports Dietitians are each amazing sources and have a wealth of understanding to help you in reaching your ambitions. Our founder Taryn has completed extra than six years of study and continues to clock many hours of ongoing education to preserve an Sophisticated Sports Dietitian status. Now you will know why her nostrils flare a small when you get in touch with her a Nutritionist )